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Longsleddale is a beautiful unspoilt valley in Cumbria on the eastern edge of the Lake District, a few miles north of Kendal, off the A6. The parish has a church, a community hall and some 30 houses scattered over 4 miles, on either side of the River Sprint. About 80 people live here, aged from 0 to 86. Several thousand sheep graze the land.

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button St.Mary's Church - in the centre of the valley.
button Visit Us - information for visitors.
button Sheep Farming - month by month.
button Our Environment - animals, plants, landscape.
button Miscellany - surveying, Postman Pat, KMSRT, floods (including storm Desmond), Jubilee boats, Schooldays  ...
button Parish Plan - published October 2010.
button Contact us - by email.
button The Community Hall - how to book the hall.
button Accommodation - in the valley.
button Local Enterprises - products, services, skills.
button Our History - can be seen all around us,
also in ...
button Old Maps - large scale & geological maps ...
button More Old Pictures - prints, photos, postcards ...
button Local Records - from 1555 to 1911.

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