Miscellany 5 - Our Diamond Jubilee Flotilla
Jubilee poster

Monday, 4th June 2012: was bright and sunny. As part of our celebrations, the children made small log-boats, to create their very own Jubilee Flotilla. They each wrote on a small log, fixed a wooden mast, and made their own colourful paper sail. More than a dozen boats were launched into the River Sprint that day. Some capsized or were becalmed, some lost their sails, but eventually they all floated away ...

making the boats
making the boats
colouring the sails
colouring the sails
the jubilee fleet
the jubilee fleet ready to launch
boats becalmed
some boats were becalmed
boat sailing away
eventually they floated away

... but that was not the end of the story...

Olympic journey for Diamond Jubilee toy boat! On 14th August 2012 an exciting message was received through this website. The little Jubilee log-boat Cutty Sark launched by 8 year old Emma - had been found on the shore at Knottend-on-Sea. This epic journey was reported in the Westmorland Gazette as well as in our Community News. Details of this dramatic 10 week, 50 mile adventure can only be imagined ....

Emma's boat
Emma's boat, Cutty Sark
Cutty Sark - Ships Log
4th June 2012: Boat made ready for launch. Set sail in Longsleddale Harbour with the Jubilee Flotilla.
June/July 2012: Floated down the River Sprint, the River Kent and through Kendal. Frequently becalmed near river banks. Swept away by floods.
July 2012: Sailed out into Morecambe Bay. Negotiated hazardous sandbanks.
July/August 2012: Powerless to resist tides, navigation impossible, route unknown. Ran aground at Knottend-on-Sea near Fleetwood.
14th August 2012: Rescue party arrived. Communication restored - message sent to home harbour.
map of journey
map of the journey

Then another little Jubilee log-boat landed! On 3rd October 2012 the one belonging to Izzy - and Hammy her hamster - was discovered at the cove near Silverdale, 4 months after the launch. Perhaps it had lain there for weeks before it was found, or maybe it had been stuck in a river bank until released by recent floods. The tiny boat had travelled about 30 miles...
  • down the River Sprint and through the cascades at Garnett Bridge
  • to Burneside where it joined the River Kent
  • all through Kendal
  • down the 3 waterfalls near Sedgwick
  • under the A590
  • under the A6 at Levens Bridge
  • out to Milnthorpe Sands and past Sandside
  • under the Kent Railway Viaduct
  • and round Arnside Point to Silverdale.
So whose boat would be found next? In April 2013, Jess's boat was discovered in the valley. It had cruised down the River Sprint from the Church to just below Bridge End, and liked it so much in Longsleddale that it stayed there!

Stop Press October 2019:: Our little boats are out there waiting to be found. Noel Thom has discovered one at Garnett Bridge. It may not have the record for distance but it certainly does for time - so far! After more than 7 years which included Storm Desmond, the boat crafted by designer Mike, though now lacking its sail, appears to still be river-worthy.

mike's boat    mike's boat

Where might the other boats be?
Are they still afloat? Have they landed, but not been found?
Or are they out in the Irish Sea heading west...?

If you find another boat from our Diamond Jubilee Flotilla please Contact us

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