Local Records for Longsleddale - 1555 to 1911

We have transcribed a variety of records between 1555 to 1911 which relate to the people of Longsleddale. Some data has been re-organised for consistency, in particular using surname, forename(s) but have used actual spellings for names and houses wherever possible. Numerical dates are used throughout; prior to the calender change of 1752, dates might be listed old year/modern year but are ordered under the modern year. Illegible entries are shown in [square brackets]: anything in (round brackets) is not part of the transcription but added by us, a comment, or perhaps more precise data - for example, attaching (Low) (Middle) or (High) to Sadgill, where there is clear evidence to support it.

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Transcriptions of Sources

buttonParish records - Baptisms 1558-1911
buttonHearth Tax 1670-76 & Window Tax 1777-78
buttonParish records - Marriages 1558-1911 & Banns
buttonChapel Salary 1732 & Corn Rent Act 1836
buttonParish records - Burials 1555-1911 & Gravestones
buttonLand Tax 1773,1808,1823,1830,1831
buttonCensus Returns 1841-1911
buttonPoor Rate 1840,1847,1858,1868,1878
buttonSchool Admissions Register 1883-1911
buttonShepherds Guides 1817-1885
buttonJurors Lists 1770-1801: Poll Books 1820, 1832:
      Electoral Registers 1833-1904

buttonDirectories 1829-1891

Highway Rate Assessments from 1827-1874, and more Poor Rate Records, Jurors Lists, Electoral Registers etc are available in the Kendal Record Office (WPR/85) but they give very little extra information so have not been included here. The Quaker records have been searched and the single entry which relates to Longsleddale is included in Baptisms. Other religious records are sparce and have not been consulted.

Thanks to Martin Norgate, Peter & Hazel Thornton, Olive Simpson; and the staff at Kendal Record Office

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