Longsleddale Records - House Index, 1628-1911

  • The list of houses on the left gives the usual modern spelling and previous names that were significantly different.
  • Choosing a house name from the list will open a webpage showing basic information which relates to the house or its land, from all the sources. House names are not given in the earliest records.
  • Click on the small green triangle after any entry to see it in the source record, at the top of a new page. There may be more information there, depending on the source, such as an absent owner's address, land acreage, sheep marks. Several index entries may arise from one source record if more than one property is involved. The back button in your browser will take you back to your index entry.
  • The recording of a house name at any date does not necessarily mean that all, or even part, of the structure with that name on that site now was there then - that requires evidence from the building itself.
  • For printing you are advised to use the stand-alone print-ready version, closing it afterwards; print-preview will help you to decide on a suitable paper orientation and to choose which part you want when a webpage is long.
  • You can also download the data in each table in comma delimited format (txt) and save it for your own use in a spreadsheet.

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