Longsleddale Records - Surname Index, 1555-1911

  • Surnames have been standardised in the list on the left, usually to the most common modern spelling, but this does not imply that it is the "correct" one. Select the one which looks or sounds closest to the one you want.
  • This will show a page with basic information year, event, date, 1st name, age/born, status, property, role, 2nd name from relevant records from all sources. The surname might be found in either name column; only marriage records are listed both ways round - but witnesses are not indexed.
  • Click on the small green triangle after any entry to see the source record, at the top of a new page. There may be more information there, depending on the source, such as occupation, number of children, place of birth, voting, address outside Longsleddale, marriage witnesses etc. Several index entries may arise from the same source record. The back button in your browser will return you to your index entry.
  • Baptism, marriage, burial, post-1841 census and school records which refer to a house imply residence there unless otherwise stated. Other records may record "ownership" or "occupation", which do not necessarily mean residence at that house. The term "absent" is used if someone with an interest in a property here is known to live outside the parish. An empty house column implies residence somewhere unspecified in Longsleddale.
  • The page contains entries for a particular initial letter, but names with more than 40 entries have their own webpage. A few modern surnames are indexed together if they appear to have been used by the same people.
  • For printing you are advised to use the stand-alone print-ready version (available at the top of the web-page), closing it afterwards; print-preview will help you to decide on a suitable paper orientation and to choose which part you want when a webpage is long.
  • You can also download the data in each table in comma delimited format (txt) and save it for your own use in a spreadsheet.

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