The Bannisdale Children: Nearly all the pupils lived in the valley, and as the school was central, no-one had more than a 2 mile walk. But the children from at least three families, the Fishwicks, Whitwells and Blenkinships, at different dates, walked to school over the 1,620 ft fell from Bannisdale Head. This was less than 2 miles but involved a climb of over 700 ft from Bannisdale, over 1,000 ft from Longsleddale! In 1899 Mary Whitwell aged 6 was coming over with her older siblings, see the register page below.

Bannisdale Head

Route to school from Bannisdale Head
August 30th 1889    ... rain fell plentifully .... Four girls who come over the fells from the next Dale were prevented from coming three days.
May 10th 1895    The Whitwells ... have only attended school two days this week. They have to go over the top into Bannisdale, and on Wednesday had only reached the summit of the hill at 5.30, going home.

Longsleddale from the fell

October 23rd 1896
The Whitwells have come this afternoon to tell me they will not be able to come any more until the Spring and have taken some books, so as to be able to partly go on with work at home.

November ... 1908
The Bannisdale children have left school for the winter months.
Descent to Longsleddale School