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button 6: Longsleddale School: schooldays remembered and recorded.
Jubilee Boats
button 5: Diamond Jubilee Flotilla: the voyages of our little boats.
Tups stranded in flood
button 4: Floods in Longsleddale: since 1749, including storm Desmond.
Kendal Mountain Rescue
button 3: Kendal Mountain Rescue: rescue and training in Longsleddale.
button 2: Longsleddale in Fiction: Postman Pat - The Wizard of Longsleddale - Robert Elsmere.
survey pillar
button 1: What the Surveyors left behind: trigonometrical points - survey pillars - benchmarks in Longsleddale.

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Do you know anything about the history of this splendid large leather belt dated May 18th 1826, or about Races or Wrestling in Longsleddale?
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belt 1826  belt 1826

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